About this blog

Hello and welcome to my blog – Recipes for Friends and the Rest of the World!

I’ve collected my favorite recipes from my own life for you here.  I’m always looking for simple, fast, healthy, hearty, and kid-friendly recipes that are also delicious and fun to make, and I hope you’ll join me in trying them!

I’ve always loved cooking, baking, canning and preserving, and, and, and…  My passion is for reading and collecting recipes to test, and improve until they pass my personal taste test.  I am always experimenting and want to share my best recipes with you here.  

Originally from Germany, my family currently lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, a region famous the world over as the home of the Amish, where fresh, local ingredients are always available.  My husband and my two young sons are always my first taste-testers!  My hope is to share with you a little bit of our lives here and to share with you some of the tastes of Lancaster County.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying new ways to make recipes that our kids will love.  My 4 year old is currently in a picky eater phase, and doesn’t always make it easy for me!  He has a couple of favorite recipes that are very simple and that unfortunately are completely vegetable-free.  My 1 year old is still at an age where he excitedly tries almost everything I put in front of him — so I’ve included some of my favorite toddler finger food recipes here, too.

What are you working on in your kitchen this week?  What new challenges are you mastering?  

I’d love for you to share your thoughts below.